Membership Information

Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 7:30pm.

Members dues are due on January 1st and are $250 per year which includes the building fund with 10 hours of work time, if you do not wish to do the work time the dues are $350.

Members with paid work time will have there due adjusted accordingly.

Members are allowed to bring one guest to the club for shooting and fishing.

Members are responsible for their guest and or children safety.

All rules most be followed.

1st years costs
$50.00 with application (non refundable)
$50.00 Building fund
$100.00 initiation fee
$200.00 yearly due
$5.00 Door card key
$100.00 work time deposit ($100.00 work time deposit returned upon completion of 10 hours of work time)


Membership Application