Meriden Rod and Gun Club
South Meriden, CT 06451
” a fun and safe place for all the family to fish and shoot”

General Membership Meeting Newsletter

February 3, 2020

” a fun and safe place for all the family to fish and shoot”

Year meeting dates 1/6/20, 2/3, 3/2, 4/6, 5/4, 6/1, 7/6, 8/3, 9/14, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7, 1/4/21.

President’s Report   (Stan  Drauss 860-982-1798)

Dues are now considered late.
At this point, your card will be deactivated unless you discuss with Stan or Ray.

Vice President’s Report (Lou Santos 203-206-6211)

No report.

Treasurer ‘s Report  (Art Morin 860-342-0249)

Checking $43,271.93
Building Fund Savings $7,279.55
Money market $70,982.76

Financial Secretary’s Report  (Ray  Guest 203-237-6977)

This door card will be yours for the as long as your dues are paid up. If your card fails to work, contact Ray and you will be issued a new card but will have to turn in your non-working card.
A lost card will be issued at a cost of $10.
The code on the back of your new card will be for the web site.
The 1 applicant for membership for the March meeting Sean Reynolds

Recording Secretary’s Report  (John Waitkus 203-430-7539)

Newsletters will be emailed to members with computer access. All others members without email will get the newsletter mailed to them. If you a change your email address or wish to get the newsletter emailed to you, notify me at

Assistant Secretary’s Report (Flavio D’Avanzo 203-623-5981)

Visit our website,, members only log in user-name MRGC and password is on the back of your membership card.

Past President’s Report  (Pat  Natlo 203-237-7505)

No Report

Archery Report  (Mark Popolizio 203-213-0128).

New projects and work time available. Contact Mark.
The 3 D range is open No Broad-heads. Good luck hunting.

Birds  Report (Jon Grazioso 203-509-6062))

Please be sure to send in you small game survey card back to the state.

By-Laws Report  (James Alonzo 203-695-3122)

No report.

Conservation Report (Don Dandelski 203-235-1318)

No report.

Entertainment Report  (Matt Morin 860-301-7241)

Next month’s menu: sausage and peppers
Meals are just $6.
Come down for a great meal!

Fish Report  (Joe Tkacz III 203-886-8979)

The pond will be opened Saturday February 15th at 9am for open water fishing as we have not gotten any ice.
Still a few gun raffle tickets available drawing will be at the next meeting. Contact Joe with any questions.
Pond opens for spring fishing on April 4th, 7 am.
All other Saturdays will be at 6 am.
Watch the sign as to open and closed.
Stockings will be either Thursday or Friday during the spring.
Fisherman’s breakfasts will be on April 4th and 18th from 4:30 to 9 am.
Fishing Derby Sunday May 17th from 10 to 2. Registration at 9. Range will be closed from 11 to 3:30.
Work party May 16th at 9 am.
Tag fish pool will be up soon, $12 to enter.
Pond rules will be posted in the club house.

House and Grounds Report ( Rich Cleveland 203-815-8325 and  Peter Gillespie 203-927-7556)

If someone borrowed the red handle dust pan please return it.

Land Report  (Walt  Budzyn 203-592-2415 )  

Steel shot at Bilgers only.

Range Report  (Tony Delbouno 203-530-1941 and Anthony Delbouno 203-535-4417)

Range is closed on the following days: Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Day after St. Jude’s, during the kid’s fishing derby and during the kid’s Christmas party.

Work time available to weed whack up at the range. Contact Lou or Rob. Remove your targets when you are done at the range place them back in the shed. NO Glass or Cans are to be used as targets AND no shooting of ground targets. The targets from the pistol side SHOULD NOT be moved to the rifle side. Don’t shoot the frames. There is extra plywood in the shed cut for replacement of the targets. If they are shot up and you have a screw gun, you can replace them or contact Lou or Rob. There is a turkey stand on the trap range to pattern your shotgun. There is no bird shot on the rifle range. Remember we need to police ourselves. Please make sure everyone is signing in. It is each and every one of our responsibilities to make sure everyone
signs in and follows the rules. If you see something, let the range chairmen know. Give them as much information about what happened including a date and time. Do not move the pistol targets closer. Keep them where they are near the bank.

*Reminder that there is only 1 shot every 8 seconds!!
*Pay attention to the range HOURS!!!!There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for breaking ANY range rules!!!
*Shooting Hours Start Times: Monday thru Friday 9:00am. Saturday: 10:00am. Sunday: 11:00am
*Shooting Hours Stop Times: Monday thru Thursday the shooting range will close at 7pm or sunset whichever comes first. Friday thru Sunday range will close at 6pm or sunset whichever comes first.
** All Times are posted on the range.

If the clays need to be replaced in the trap machine, contact Tony or Anthony. The range is always in need of plywood and/or 2×4’s if you have any that you would like to donate contact Tony or Anthony.

Old Business.

The budget was voted on and accepted.
2 game dinners, one February 29th and the other is March 14th. Contact Ray Thayer ( 203-509-8106 ) or Todd Mullany ( 203-935-1775 ) with any questions or donations

St. Jude’s will be Saturday March 28th. This year we pledged $35,000. Let’s make this another banner year. It’s not too early to start hitting up places for donations for the raffle. Any questions contact John Waitkus (203-430-7539). It’s not too early to start hitting up places for donations for the raffle.

Mike Roberts said we are the number one donator. This is something to be proud of! We all work hard to put on this great event, any little bit is a big help.

Be sure to follow ALL range rules and police ourselves.
Report any issues. We don’t want to have any further issues to jeopardize our range.

New  Business

There were a few complaints from the houses on the road about speed. Slow Down!!! The speed limit is 5 mph. Obey it! There is no reason to be disrespectful to our neighbors.

Pistol courses contact Jim Dobensky at 203 238 2564

Club reserved by;

February15th Jesse Danekeit
February 29th Game dinner    Contact Ray Thayer ( 203-509-8106 ) or Todd Mullany ( 203-935-1775 ) with any questions or donations.
March 7th Ray Thayer
March 14th Game dinner  Contact Ray Thayer ( 203-509-8106 ) or Todd Mullany ( 203-935-1775 ) with any questions or donations. 
March 28th St. Jude’s
April 18th Joe Tkacz Jr
May 23rd Mark Popolizio Jr.
June 7th Don Dandelski
July 18th Paul Wheelok


We still have a problem with a few members not picking after their dogs.

Thanks to them, for now on all dogs will have to be attended by their owners or on a leash if you can’t control them.

That means if your dog is outside you will be also. PICK up after you dogs.

  1. Always clean up after your dog no matter what the mess is or no matter where on the club property, inside or outside.
  2. No dogs allowed in the clubhouse without a leash.
  3. No dogs allowed on any furniture or in the kitchen.

Yearly meeting dates: 1/7/19, 2/4, 3/4, 4/1, 5/6, 6/3, 7/1, 8/5, 9/9, 10/7, 11/4, 12/23, 1/6/20.

Meeting Adjourned



President:—————————-Stan  Drauss 860-982-1798

Vice President:———————Lou Santos 203-206-6211

Treasurer:—————————-Art Morin 860-342-0249

Financial Secretary:————–Ray  Guest 203-237-6977

Recording Secretary:————John Waitkus 203-430-7539

Assistant Secretary:————–Flavio  D’Avanzo 203-623-5981

Past President’s Report:——– Pat  Natlo 203-237-7505


Archery:—————————Mark Popolizio 203-213-0128

Birds:——————————-Jon Grazioso 203 509-6062

By-Laws:————————–James Alonzo 203-695-3122

Conservation:——————-Don Dandelski 203-235-1318

Entertainment:——————Matt Morin 860-301-7241

Fish:——————————–Joe Tkacz III 203-886-8979

House & Grounds:————-Rich Cleveland 203-815-8325 and  Peter Gillespie 203-927-7556

Land:——————————-Walt  Budzyn 203-592-2415 Cell

Range:—————————–Tony Delbouno 203-530-1941 and Anthony Delbouno 203-535-4417

Keys For Deer Cooler

Joe Drauss………………203-634-1177

Stan Drauss……………..203-630-9805…..Cell…….860-982-1798

Rich Kruglik………………203-250-8399

Donald Dandelski ………203-235-1318


  1. You are welcome to use any of the equipment within this kitchen as long as it is left clean and in the same condition as you found it.
  2. If you damage any equipment you will be responsible for replacing it.
  3. Make sure all surfaces including counters, cutting boards and sinks are left spotless when you leave.
  4. Sweep and mop floors before leaving.
  5. Clean and sanitize all food contact surfaces prior to and after each use with a bleach and water solution
  6. Clean up any spills you make on the stoves, oven, counters and microwave.
  7. All pots, pans, and any equipment used must be cleaned and returned to its original location.
  8. Empty all trash and replace with clan bag before leaving.
  9. Never leave burners on and unattended. Make sure all gas is turned off before leaving.
  10. Wipe down inside of fridge after each use and remove any food that is stored by you before leaving.

Range Rules

  •  Members must be with guest at all times while on the range. Members are allowed one quest on the range per day.
  •  Members and guests are allowed to use only one shooting lane at a time and are not allowed more than one guest on the range when firing. No on lookers.
  •  Members can not be shooting when their guests are shooting and must watch there guest to ensure safe handling of firearms.
  • Club members using the range and their guests must sign in.
  • Club members must have their membership card displayed in the holder on the lane that they are shooting from.
  • No rapid fire shooting.
  • Keep all shots to one shot every 8 seconds.
  • No bird-shot or buckshot allowed on the rifle range.
  • No armor piercing or tracer rounds are allowed.
  • No full automatic weapons.
  • No alcohol or drugs on or near the range.
  • Persons using handguns must have their pistol permits with them.
  • All shooting must be done from a shooting lane and within the shooting lane. No shooting from walk ways or across shooting lanes.
  • No rifles allowed on the pistol range.
  • No guests are allowed to use the range on the two weekends prior to and during the State Firearms Deer Hunting Season.

 Pond Rules.

  1. 2 fish per membership a day—total of 8 fish a week.
  2. Saturdays are for memberships only during all stocking weeks.
  3. Guests allowed from Sunday until the pond is closed for following stocking and a guest is part of the members total
  4. **All fish must be signed out in the box next to the club.
  5. Catch & Release only allowed from flies. Mark these on the sign out sheet in the blue box with an “R”
  6. No corn or minnows are allowed!
  7. 2 rods may be used per membership until the first fish has been caught, then only one per membership.

Major Club Activities Projected for Year 2020

Club activities are not limited to this listing and dates are subject to change check  monthly

Range is closed on the following days: Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, Day after St. Jude’s, during the kid’s fishing derby and during the kid’s Christmas party.

January – Club Available for Ct Hunter Safety Course
∙ February 29th – Game Dinner
∙ February – Club available for CT Courses
∙ March – Club available for CT Courses
.March 14th – Game dinner
∙ March 28th – St. Jude fund raiser
∙ April – Open for Safety Course
∙ April 4th – Club Pond opens 7am for Fishing. (Kitchen opens for breakfast)
∙ April 4th – Conservation Annual Spring Clean-up. Work time available
∙ May – April- Club available for safety courses
∙ May 16th – Pond closed for clean-up for Children’s Fishing Derby/ Picnic. Work time available
∙ May – Work begins at Bilger’s Loading Hay. Work time available
∙ May 17th- Clubs Children’s Fishing Derby/ Picnic Work time available
May – City of Meriden Fishing Derby
∙ June – Hay continues at Bilger’s Work time available
∙ July – Club available for Bow Course.
∙ August – Work begins at Bilger’s 2nd cut of hay. Work time available
∙ September – Open
∙ October 10th – Conservation Annual Fall Clean-up. Work time available
∙ October 17th – Hunting opens on State Co-op and Private lands stocked Pheasants
∙ October 18th – Cast-N-Blast Summer ending Picnic/open to the public. Work time available.
∙ November – Fall clean up, leaves. Work time available
∙ December – 5th Cleanup in preparations for Children’s Christmas party. Work time available
∙ December – 6th Children’s Christmas party. Work time available
∙ December 13th – Snow date for Children’s Christmas party

Year meeting dates 1/6/20, 2/3, 3/2, 4/6, 5/4, 6/1, 7/6, 8/3, 9/14, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7, 1/4/21.